be all you can be

wow! it’s been a long time since i’ve written… i’ve been so engulfed in reading new books and actually working for a change! during may i had layovers in ontario, san antonio, seattle, and various florida destinations just to name a few. this month i have had airport alert almost every day that i’ve been on call.

at the end of the may/beginning of june i went home to dallas for kevin’s graduation and going away party. i was there for twelve days and cried the whole day i had to come back! with so much time i was able to see many friends and spend time with the fam, including those who came in for the party… and was it a party!! dad and i went to sam’s and bought at least 16 cases of beer, and 18 BIG bottles of wine and before the night ended my dad still had to buy more! betty carrier made beer margaritas, which are to die for, and we had fajitas catered by pete’s (mom and dad’s restaurant,) but the best part was the cakes from panini, camo style!

mom, kevvy, and me at his graduation

the grad and the grandparents

cousins! at the party

camo cakes :) yum

as many of you know, kevin got called out early for basic training. he was actually in the middle of a trip with his friends as a last hurrah and had to cut it short. i talked to him briefly thursday night and he sounded pretty bored – they’ve been working on paperwork and processing, he just doesn’t know what’s about to hit him! once we get his address i’ll let y’all know so that you can send him letters and care packages.

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