visiting the culhanes… the coldest place on earth

after the last four days visiting deb, steve, conner, lydia, and russel, i have decided that wisconsin is easily the coldest place on earth… people in texas do not even understand the meaning of the word.

steve picked me up after work on monday and then we drove from the milwaukee airport to their town of oconomowok. “it’ll be easy for the kids to learn to spell,” he said. “every other letter is an O!”

i haven’t seen deb and steve since grandpa’s memorial service and had never met the kids, but when i walked in they all gave me huge hugs like they’d known me forever. “they’re all the same size!”

deb runs a daycare out of their house so we spent the days with all the little rugrats! it was nice to be around kids again after working in the childcare during college. every morning around 8am they came into my room saying “wakey wakey time,” as they bounced on my bed. luckily deb had warned me of this so i made sure to go to bed at a decent time!

the visit was even more special because i got to be there for deb’s birthday! one night we went out for drinks with the neighborhood girls. at the martini bar “twist n olive” we had titinis because some of the proceeds went to breast cancer awareness! the girls are fun and have insisted i come back during the summer when everyone is out to play with their coolers and cookouts!

on deb’s actual birthday, we went to chilis for dinner and then to ron and betty’s afterwards for cake. lydia cut the cake with a very long knife and we were a little nervous, but since she’s 5, and a “big girl,” she of course did a great job!

the kids are absolutely wonderful… funny and energetic! russel sat on my lap pretty much the whole time i was there and deb was shocked because apparently he’s not much of a cuddler. we played games, drank wine (only those of us who are of age, of course) and i even got deb addicted to facebook! i will definitely be back once summer hits :)

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