judy does jersey

a miracle took place this december… judy actually got on a plane and flew up to jersey! her visit was in honor of resalin’s graduation from the journalism masters program at NYU. friday night we dressed up and hailed a cab to the celebration. oddly enough we found a gypsy limo cab and drove up in style, starting the night off right!

at the J-school we had wine from ironhorse vineyard, owned by the family of one of resalin’s classmates and colleagues at the best cellars wine store. after speeches from various people and many pictures, we headed to a little italian restaurant for dinner, and then out afterward for drinks.
judy, resa, and i spent the next day walking around hoboken, nj, where we had some of the best pizza ever! judy said it might even be worth it to fly up for a day just to have that pizza. nothing compares to pizza dough made with the water up here! it was so cold that weekend, but we endured as much as possible to check out the little shops and take pictures overlooking the hudson river and new york skyline. “think of all the dead bodies in there,” judy said.

the trip wasn’t long enough though and hopefully she’ll make it back soon. it’s also about time dad made a trip up here… (hint, hint!)

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