feliz año nuevo!

new years was quite a bit better than christmas. i don’t usually place expectations on this holiday though because then it ends up being a disappointment. this year i knew i’d be working, it was just a matter of where i would be bringing in 2009. fate – or crew scheduling – decided that i would spend the holiday in mexico city, something that i was actually excited about. i worked first class and had one passenger on the way there. he ate and then slept the rest of the way… rough day for me!
my crew was fun and one of the guys was even from my training class. unfortunately it wasn’t a long layover so we stayed right by the airport at the camino real hotel and everything around us was closed. that didn’t stop us though. we had drinks in my room and then took spots at the lobby bar for the countdown.

the next day was easy too and i was trilingual! of course i used english and spanish, but we also had a french family onboard and i used my french to explain the customs forms to them. it gave me a little more confidence in my ability and maybe after summer i will take the language test!

i hope all of you are having a wonderful year so far and one of my goals is to write in the blog more often, so stay tuned and harass me if it’s been a while since my last post!

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