dear santa:

resalin, her roommate liz and i went to see the van gogh exhibit at the MOMA. i saw an article about it back in august or september and seeing as he is my favorite artist i decided i just had to go. i bought the tickets as a graduation present to the girls and we wandered the exhibit taking in the thick brush strokes, vivid colors, and unknown details of his exciting life. two particular interesting facts i learned were that he didn’t declare himself an artist until the age of 27, which was not as young as it is today. he also was a preacher, amongst other things, before he decided to dabble in art.

we snacked at the art cafe and then made our way towards the next event of the day – santa at macy’s!! (of course we decided to stop for an irish coffee first.) resalin had never been to see santa so she was especially excited to sit on his lap!

over breakfast and coffee that morning we created our lists of the “perfect man” even though we all know he doesn’t exist. these lists are what we presented to santa that afternoon and he gave us all a big “ho, ho, ho” laugh especially at things like liz’s “slightly hairy chest” and my “orders steaks rare/medium rare.”

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