the windy city

it’s been a while since i’ve written, which is mostly because there’s not much to write! once summer came to an end, work slowed down drastically. i haven’t worked a flight in over a week and that’s the norm amongst all the reserve flight attendants. life has been very calm and relaxed, and it’s hard to believe october is almost over and i have less than 45 flight hours for the whole month! tonight i will sit airport alert starting at 7pm. for those of you who don’t know, this is a 4 hour shift, sometimes 6 if conditions are bad enough. we sit in the crew room in full uniform with our bags packed to go just about anywhere. in the winter months packing can be very tricky considering your destination could require a bikini or a parka!

earlier this month i picked up a trip with a layover in chicago, a city i’ve never visited! it’s a great place and we stay in a beautiful hotel downtown, the holton palmer house. the location is perfect, near the navy pier, the magnificent mile, rush st, and grant park. unfortunately i forgot my camera so here are some pictures taken with my iPhone.

sign on the navy pier

playin’ the blues on the riverwalk

view of the river

navy pier entrance sign

lake michigan

pirates on the navy pier

cute statue in the park


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