wake me up when september ends…

… but that won’t be necessary this year because i’m trying to figure out where september went! it seriously flew by! i can not believe it’s almost october and fall has officially begun already, not that it’s hard what with the change in weather and fall decorations already bordering business windows. i can already tell a major difference between texas season and the northeast and i absolutely love it! of course i didn’t realize i’d need my sweaters and scarves yet, but mom can mail them!

another way i can tell it’s fall is that the flying has dramatically decreased. i probably won’t even make my guarantee this month, which isn’t horrible because i still get paid for it, but have gotten used to my summer paychecks! i still haven’t made an international trip, but this past week i did get my french visa so that increases my chances. i even sat international airport alert last night. (airport alert – AAA – is when you sit in the crew room for four hours with your suitcase ready to go in case they need someone on really short notice. if they don’t need you then you just go home.)

last weekend i was in boston with a 22 hour layover. unlike last time when i ordered room service and slept the whole time due to exhaustion, i actually explored the city and enjoyed my time there. one of my very good friends, madision presenza, moved just outside the city in august for a teaching internship. she took the train into town to meet me and we toured the town with her friend grant who was also in just for a few hours. we had a great time and took some fun pictures! although we decided to “blaze our own trail” we did catch glimpses of the red freedom trail along the way, to which we yelled, “freedom!” and “they can take our lives… but they’ll never. take. our freedom!!” we ran into a huge concert-rally for legalization of marijuana, stopped for pastries at mike’s, and watched various performing artists on the streets and sidewalks. of course we couldn’t miss taking our picture in front of cheers and sitting on the ducks in the gardens. we strolled through quincy market and down newbury street, said hi to sam adams, visited the old north church, and ate dinner at the famed legal seafoods. all in all it was a great day in a great city with a really great friend! i always knew i’d love boston but now it’s definitely on my list of places to live.

in other news… i moved my days off around this month so i could have a week off to throw my best friend from high school, carin, a baby shower. after the shower i was going to be meeting the g-parents in florida for a little vacay. however, ike decided to throw a “little” temper-tantrum causing IAH was closed down for a few days so i couldn’t make the trip. the up-side is that i got to spend some more time with the fam and with emily.

next month i have the same schedule as a lot of my friends so hopefully we can get trips together. emily is coming for her birthday and i’m going to try to make it to college station for the tech game to meet up with my pledge class…. i’ll be keeping y’all updated!

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