no news is good news

well i’ve been doing this job for about a month and a half. i like it and i dislike it. there are so many lonely parts of the job. you rarely work with the same people. once you do work with people and get to know them, you rarely see them again after that and if you do sometimes you barely even remember them if at all because you’ve met so many people since then. even when you’re in great cities, you don’t always have someone to share it with, which takes some of the fun out of it.

however, you get to go to some great places. i’ve been doing a lot of florida trips, but my friends have been to rome, portugal, brussels, lima, and copenhagen. i have yet to be assigned an international trip, but i’m still holding on to hope. i’m also working on my french with the $8 rosetta stone my roommate bought in lima. hopefully within the next month or so i will be able to take the test confidently and then i can be a french speaker, getting assigned international flights left and right! another great thing about the job is the ability to meet people you wouldn’t usually meet and see people you don’t usually get to see. speaking of… if anyone would like me to come visit send me an e-mail or give me a call. my days off are usually during the week, but if anyone has flexible schedules and wants a visitor then i’m your girl! this month i’m trying to make it to la to see gloria and i plan to visit cousin deb, steve, and the kids sometime in the next few months. hopefully next month i’ll be able to make it to florida to meet up with g-ma and g-pa… so just add yourself to the list if you so desire! :)

the best part of the job is living so near the city. i’ve always wanted to be a new york girl and now i’m an honorary member, spending much of my time off crowding resalin in her bed at night and walking around the city during the day, trying to familiarize myself. i hope everyone is doing well and please remember to keep me updated on your lives!

ps – i’ve been waiting to hear about the possible furlough, and found out today that due to the overwhelming response to the COLAS (company offered leaves of absence) none of us will be without jobs involuntarily!!

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