Mickey’s Corporate Office

my second trip was to MCO… also known as orlando or “mickey’s corporate office” if you’re looking for a way to remember the airport code. i picked this trip up and it was supposed to be a four day, but due to delays the last two days were taken over by a different crew.

my position was in first class, which is my favorite! we flew first to houston, where i grabbed some mexican food because i desperately miss it! just as we were getting ready to take-off for orlando the storms started and we were delayed. i started to worry that we might not be able to leave at all, but mother nature pulled through. the whole trip was planned so that i could have a layover with my very best friend from training, allison, who is based in cleveland.

we got to the renaissance hotel in orlando a little late, but still with plenty of time for shenanigans with allison and my new friend dustin, who was working first class with me. we had some “happy time” drinks, and i’m not sure i’ve ever needed a glass of wine like that one!

that night allison and i had a sleepover and caught up on life… even though we talk about 5 times a day! the next day we worked one flight to houston and deadheaded to newark. (deadheading means that you aren’t working the flight; instead you travel as a passenger, but you still get paid!)

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