denver disaster

since the last two days of my orlando trip were cancelled i got resassigned to another one… with a layover in denver! i was so excited when i found out because it was an 18hr layover and i could spend time with the pollans.

our first flight was to houston and it turned out to be a disaster! the flight was already delayed leaving for whatever reason. once the passengers boarded though catering decided to take their sweet time and we were waiting on them to leave. they gave us less than half of what we needed for the flight and left! the doors were all shut which is our cue to arm them in case of an emergency evacuation. there is a red strap across the window to indicate the door is armed and should not be opened. as we were about to take our safety demo positions catering decides to come back and open the armed door! luckily there was a flight attendant in the back of the plane who was riding as a passenger and she grabbed the door before the slide completely deployed. basically she saved the man’s life because those things inflate so quickly and with such force that they seriously injure or kill those in the way. this caused an even greater delay because maintenance and safety inspectors had to board the plane and repack the slide. needless to say our passengers were not happy…

our second flight was much better and after a stressful day we were in denver. kaylinda picked me up from the hotel and took me to her and david’s house. we played catch up and went to bed. kaylinda and i went to mass and then met david at drew and maritza’s house for lunch – a peruvian chicken and rice dish. it was delicious!

i’ve only been working a week but it feels like a month and even though i’m soooo exhausted, i feel very lucky to have this job. it has opened many doors and allows me to meet/see people and places i might not normally.

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