if you’re going to san francisco…

well i didn’t wear flowers in my hair, but there were flowers everywhere… and they were beautiful! my first trip was a transcontinental flight from newark to sanfran with a 24 hour layover. i couldn’t have asked for anything better. honestly, i even heard from supervisors that were jealous of my assignment. (this was the view from my hotel room!)

we arrived in the golden gate city around 8pm after a very easy flight. first class wasn’t full so once the service was over we got our pick of the meals. i had a lobster appetizer with a garden salad. the main dish options were chicken, steak, or seafood. i tried the steak, but it of course didn’t meet my southern expectations so i just ate some plantains and grilled veggies. just when i thought i couldn’t eat anymore, the sundaes emerged. oh. my. gosh. blue bell definitely has competition!

that night i went out with another one of the flight attendants. we found some bars with live music and a group of asian bachelor partiers… we asked them for advice on the best bars nearby when they invited us to barhop with them. they paid for a few drinks and cover charges and then laura and i went on our own way. we were beat and ready for bed!

the next day was spent wandering the city from the financial district to chinatown, fisherman’s wharf to golden gate state park. at first things seemed so foreign, but then i recognized places from past visits. something i never noticed before was the french influence. many of the restaurants were french cafe style and there were french pastries, crepes, etc to be found everywhere!

after the day of sightseeing i took a nap before our redeye flight back. this flight was very easy to work, but it was not without excitement. we had a medical near-emergency, and i was right in the middle of everything, but it ended up ok and we landed safely in newark. i also got my pick of the leftover first class meals – again. i’ve decided i love to work transcon and also redeyes…. except if i do that i might get fat!

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