first class!


i’m on the flight from paris to philadelphia, finally! we “slept in” this morning and had time to visit our last boulangerie and take our pastries to a nearby cafe for coffee.

it took us no more than 30 minutes to get to the airport from our hotel room. we had no problems with line 5 today and as soon as we made it down the stairs to the B3 to cdg there was an express train waiting for us which only made one stop before the airport, cutting out at least 30 minutes of the trip.

we checked in, did some duty-free shopping, and went to the first class lounge. dad had champagne and i had a couple mimosas, both dom perignon. i used the free access computers and dad of course loaded my bag with some snacks from the bar.

about an hour before departure we headed to the gate and were served more drinks as soon as we boarded the flight – see dad’s entry a little later for our story of why we were on first class!

now i have had 2 mimosas prior to boarding, 2 after boarding, 3 cape cods, and 2 glasses of wine all on us airways, not to mention a 4-course meal and hot tea! nope, i’m not complaining one bit about the delay!

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