le 20 mars continué…


arriving in strasbourg was very smooth. we got in late but i wasn’t on a schedule so that wasn’t a problem. i bought my ticket for sunday to paris then i bought my bus pass for the next three days. i was taking care of everything, talking and listening in french, and i felt like i was finally getting the hang of it! i even made it on the bus which for some odd reason i was worried about…

the hostel is really nice and i’m on the ground floor this time instead of the 4th! bad things are there is no place to do laundry, no kitchen area, and the bar is only open one night that i’m here! after getting situated i took the tram into town.

strasbourg is absolutely gorgeous! so far it is my favorite place with it’s alsatian charm. i saw the cathédrale, place kléber, and la petite france. since it was already pretty late i just walked around and tried to orient myself.

for dinner i ate at a resto called la boucherie. it was decked out in all red and white stripes (like checkered but a little classier!) my food was really good. i had a salad with toasted bread and chèvre (goat cheese.) then i had curry chicken and rice with of course red wine to drink. i finished off the night with café crème. they kept bringing me easter chocolates and i didn’t complain because they were delicious. the funniest thing was the paperweight they brought with the check. it looked like they took whatever that dish is where you eat the marrow and cleaned/dried the bone and used it to hold down the check and cash.

only two more full days alone and it really has gone by fast… this has been such a great experience for me so far and i feel a million times more comfortable that the first day. in the states it’s weird to go eat alone unless you have work or something to read. now i look forward to doing things alone and taking time to reflect on my day and just think without interruption. even though i’m so excited to share things with my dad, i’ve really come to appreciate time to myself.

4 thoughts on “le 20 mars continué…

  1. Anonymous says:

    I can only imagine through you, the quite time you are enjoying. I wouldn’t know what to do even though sometimes, I envy. Yea that you get to see your dad soon!


  2. Borgie says:

    bonjour lanie!ce va? ce va bien!! im glad that you had a great time in AIX!! I tried calling your cell to see if you would pick up …i guess im not that important…its cool…but I hope all is well and you will find a gardner in strasbourg! jajjajajajabisouos!


  3. Uncle Ron says:

    Melski:Bev and I are enjoying your blog. Your dad just called on the way to the airport. He is excited about the trip. I am so glad we persuaded him not to tour all of Europe in 10 days. I again recommend that you go to Domaine de Valmouriane to eat. It is the hotel where we went to cooking school last year. It is near Avignon, and just outside St. Remy en Provence, on the petite route de Baux. The telephone number is (0), and the owners are Martina and Phillipe. The chef is Pascal, and you may have to add him to your loves in France. RonPS A friend of mine in Dallas did his summer abroad in Aix. He said they referred to it as “Sex en Provence.”


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