Nice is nice


i made it to nice in one piece! l’auberge de jeunesse was easy to find and by the time i got here i only had to wait about 15-20 minutes to get into the room. even though it shut off every 30 seconds and you have to push the button again, it was one of the best showers i’ve ever had; i think it comes in second to the shower after we got done with our 5 day canoeing/camping trip, remember that rel??

after my shower i needed food, but i was past that point of hunger to where you just don’t feel it anymore and it almost makes you sick to think of eating. but i did, eat… i had a tarte avec saumon et des épinards. i could definitely tell it was spinach but if it hadn’t been for the smell, i wouldn’t have known until the last couple bites that there was salmon in it. it tasted so good though, especially sitting on a rock ledge surrounded by fountains and [instert synonym from glo here] blossoming flowers. i walked through vieux nice as the market was closing for the day (i’ll be back there tomorrow) and made sure to get some gellatto along the walk to the beach.

the mediterranean is gorgeous!! the water is so azure, the brightest blue i’ve ever seen! i just sat and licked my cone, watching the people play and walk by as the sun set across the horizon. unfortunately the low clouds at the hill top blocked the view but hopefully tomorrow will be better!

i walked along promenade des anglais and noted all the ritzy hotels – you know, my hostel really isn’t that different. HA!

dinner was at milo’s on rue de la france. since i had a late lunch, i ate a salad, bread, and wine on the patio. the weather here is perfection! then i made my way back. i have all day tomorrow to tour nice, maybe visit a museum or two… tonight i sit in the common room of the hostel with my beer and read the book that could easily be my life story eat, pray, love.

bonsoir mes amis!

3 thoughts on “Nice is nice

  1. Kristin says:

    ugh i’m so jealous, you sound like you’re having a great time…but we all miss you terribly and i can’t wait to see you again! i’m super jealous that you’re getting to see all of this without me!love you lots


  2. Anonymous says:

    Aunt Bev, Oh Melanie, I am living vicariously in your blog! I finally sat down and read it from the beginning. I do so love the Orsay and am glad you agreed. You make my mouth water with your food descriptions. One thing great about traveling alone-and speaking French-is that you are more apt to meet and talk with people. When were there last year we found the French friendly and did not notice that superiority that they are know for. I am almost finished with eat, love, pray myself. Great travel book. I’ll check in again on your adventure!


  3. Anonymous says:

    I received a post card today…..very exciting for Parrish & Co. :) It made it’s way pretty swiftly. I found a Cullen Park yesterday as well….so if you don’t find your French wine hunk maybe we can find you a beautiful “cold one” at Cullen Park. I love getting lost in Europe thru you. Just remember you’re a big brave girl and you’re living one of your dreams! Miss you much.


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