first thanks to everyone for their comments! i love knowing that my blog is actually entertaining for some :)

i spent the night reading at royal jussieu with a glass of wine and what i guess is the french version of apple pie – one thing we actually do better in america! guess that’s why it’s “american as apple pie!”

my new book eat, pray, love is really really good. i think i can definitely identify with the author except she could afford to travel for an entire year. (feel free to send donations if you’d like to help continue my travel fund and i’d be more than happy to keep this blog going for as long as i am supported!) some things she writes though are my exact thoughts only more creatively worded!

packing up my things tonight i realized i’m really going to miss this place! i know i’ll be back but i’ve gotten so used to the apartment, local cafés, allimentation store, boulangerie, and crepe/panini stand, and internet café.

au revoir 5th arrondissement!

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