une petite introduction

i started this blog a little while ago but didn’t decide to post anything until now. someone suggested blogging my post-graduation adventures, but i wasn’t sure they were worthy of anyone’s time…. yet! after reading my horoscope today i decided i needed to get this thing going before i leave for france – which is just one week from today! now i can’t make any promises as to how well i will keep up with this, but i will at least try.

for those of you who don’t know, i am spending the month of march in france. it was always my dream to study abroad, but i chose to be involved with fish camp instead. as graduation drew near i decided this was a trip i needed to take before i entered the “grown up” world or i would regret it later. i got my godmother kathy on board for about 5 days at the beginning of the trip and dad for about 9 at the end. those days are pretty well-planned, but the two weeks i’ll be alone are completely wide open! any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated. as for now… à bientôt!

15 thoughts on “une petite introduction

  1. Amber says:

    mel, i love your start to the blog. i hope you keep up with it and don’t put too many french words in there without a translation. have fun!ps. resalin is extremely upset that you didn’t capitalize any of the words in your blog. personally, i like it.


  2. mommy dearest says:

    ah, my little petite nina….i will miss you much much!!oui, you will have tres amusant while you are there, but it is muy importante that you write and telephoner your mere regulier!!! you didn’t know i was fluent in 3 languages, did you?????


  3. Resalin Rago says:

    Wow. Our mother is ridiculous but I can’t help but be impressed. I hope that you keep up with your blog because I want to live vicariously through your postings. But if you don’t want to waste a single second of your time in France sitting in front of a computer screen, I understand. I am so proud of you. Je t’aime.Bisses,ta soeur, Resa


  4. lanie says:

    haha res our mother IS very talented and SO funny :)sorry amber hasn’t posted on your blog… i do feel special!mom – i will probably not be able to telephoner frequemment unless you give me money to do so!


  5. Maddie says:

    lanie dearest,i love the non-capitalized blog, because i am a huge fan of resisting the shift key. i am at work with mom right now, and i’m still thinking of the amazing dinner we had last night. the refusal to take a plate home was quite possibly the worst decision i have made this week. i love your blog, might start one of my own, and will keep track of you as you travel across france. see you sunday.xoxo


  6. Amber says:

    that’s funny, i don’t remember res emailing me the link to her blog so that i could have it in permanent records to access at will and not just when she puts it on her away message for a hot second.love, amber


  7. lanie says:

    i really like how this comment wall has really just turned into a sort of discussion board for the four of us to take swings at each other! :)maddie – i’m so glad you came for dinner… or rather the feast at casa de lambs… maybe i should call it maison des lambs since this is a FRENCH blog. i’m also glad you liked the no caps because that’s is also what i prefer :)


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